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07-Feb-2020 02:09

The Romans referred to the region as Germania Inferior ("Lower" Germania).

It is a reference to the Low Countries' downriver location at the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta near the North Sea.

For example, Finland is the place where the Finns live, just as Germany is the place where the Germans live.

The people came before the official government and place name.

From 1551, the designation Nederlands received strong competition from the name Nederduits ("Low Dutch;" Dutch is used here in its archaic sense that covers all continental West Germanic languages).

It is a calque of the aforementioned Roman province Germania Inferior and an attempt by early Dutch grammarians to give their language more prestige by linking it to Roman times.

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One of the few moments when linguists can detect something of a revolution is when the Dutch standard language emerged and quickly established itself.(Parts of what we call Germany was called Prussia until 1932.) In English we denote place of origin by suffixes.

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