Dating the brain injury article

15-Apr-2020 13:04

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"The simulations showed that the mechanisms that trigger concussion may be distinct from those that lead to CTE," said William C.

Moss, Ph D, physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and co-author of the study.

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Goldstein and his colleagues anticipate that their study will advance understanding of how head injuries lead to CTE brain pathology, even in teenagers and young adults, with the goal being to facilitate development of new diagnostics, therapeutics, protective equipment and preventive measures to help people affected by head injuries and at risk for CTE. "Hits, not concussions, cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy: New insights into the disease show head impact, not concussion, triggers CTE and pave way for early detection, prevention and treatment." Science Daily.

A new balance must be achieved and the new status must be dealt with if it is to work.