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14-Feb-2020 11:17

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I do have one full body photo on my profile, which I felt is a sufficient representation of me, my size and my body type. But I noticed that when I was talking to a fitness model/personal trainer who talked about his fitness regimen non stop, who seemed to be interested, everything came to a screeching halt when he asked me to send a full body photo of myself while I was at a New Year’s Eve party. Keep in mind, I’ve heard this stuff before, but it was refreshing coming from him. I told him I was heading to bed, and sent the last. So I stayed up with the sheets up to my neck and I waited 10, even 20 minutes to get a response. I told myself that I am attractive and beautiful and no one should need that much convincing. Surely he’ll say hello by lunch time east coast time. My cousin tells me I tend to think of the worst possible scenario and that I am not patient. And I may even post the one photo of myself that seems to be at the root of my rejection on the online site to see the reactions and if I’m nuts.

He started fading me out politely with fewer and fewer messages, hellos, good mornings and how’s your day texts. I knew he was going to have unrealistic expectations of me and even if he found me attractive, he’d feel like I wasn’t working hard enough to improve myself. Last night, we talked on the phone into the wee hours of the morning. He was funny, he was charming, he was passionate about things and opinionated. How did I end up in such a war with myself approaching 32?

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I’m starting to worry that my standards are just too high now, I really want to be with someone again, but the girls who are interested in me just don’t live up to my standards. I’ve pursued girls that I do find physically attractive, but they reject me or just don’t reciprocate any sort of effort I put in. What you think is beautiful may not be what others find beautiful.

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Weight or cosmetic flaws: Located in the heart of Chennai on the famous East Coast Road, soak in the beauty of Bay of Bengal while you indulge in the mouth-watering delicacies at the Upper Deck.So I’ve been single for about a year now after a really nasty breakup that sent me reeling for a while. recently tried going on 2nd & 3rd dates with a girl I clicked really well with, but I just wasn’t into it and found myself wanting to end those dates ASAP.

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