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Even though the R13 was officially introduced in 1955 some versions of it apparently existed beforehand, though 1955 was the official final production design.The Current code break is like the following: BC1131-2-0 broken down as BCaabb(c)-x-y “aa” may contain 11 (for Bb or Sib in french), 12 for A or La, 15 for Eb or Mib, 17 for F, plus other code desgnations. “31” is the R-13, 02 for the E13, 11 for RC, 12 for the RC (possibly 444hrz, need clarification), 23 for the Bassett, 83 for the Prestige RC Bass to low Eb, 93 for the Pretige Bass to Low C, plus other designations.The source of the information is listed, and wherever possible, the serial numbers have also been verified visually.Instruments made after Carl Fischer took control of York are included, but obvious conflicts in numbers are confined to their own section.Buffet Serial Numbers Serial Numbers breakdown Around 1950 Buffet adopted a new model identification of “No1” or “NO1”.This coincided wth the polycylindrical bore introduction.

There is now an expanded information base of over 2,600 York instruments to reference, starting with"York & Son" in 1887 and continuing through several name changes until the Grand Rapids plant was closed in 1971.

Apparently, somewhere during the transfer of the company from Carl Fisher to Tolchin Instruments or the subsequent purchase by Martin Tolchin, the original records were lost, misplaced, or destroyed.

This is further compounded by the existence several companies that have used the name "York" since then, including Boosey and Hawkes, the American company Brook Mays and the current manufacturer Schreiber & Keilwerth in Markneukirchen, Germany.

late in 2016 my Host company against raised my rates, and this time I balked, and did not resign, and thus found a new home for it here.

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Please wait a while as i move the data over to the new format.Evette Master models with the cutout under the RH crow feet are the identified R-13 rejects.