Dating in cairo egypt

21-Jul-2020 06:00

“Some guy were nice and I’m still friends with,” she said.“Some guys were like all over you, which is not okay.” She and her now fiancé casually dated, including sex, for about six months before they began formally dating and then got engaged after a year.For the far fewer Egyptian women than men on these sites, however, secrecy is also part of the game: Most women interviewed requested anonymity because they feared for their reputations if family, friends, or colleagues knew they dated or met partners online.And while in Egypt Tinder profiles advertising shirtless men with cars, police and military officers, and older men with rings on their fingers are standard, cases of swipes to the right turning to marriage remain rare.Yet, despite this, Saleh noticed many of his friends and relatives unable to tie the knot in recent years.“It’s become the biggest struggle in Egypt,” he says.The truth: they met after both swiping right on a dating app.

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Many young Egyptians now have secret boy and girl friends through Facebook and Whatsapp.Another friend in the circle, however, felt less satisfied with her dates, casual sex, and few relationships through Tinder.

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