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“When I was in New York, I was overworked and not fully present.Now we have better quality time.”Is LAT a forever arrangement? After all, how realistic is it that you'd keep separate places if you start a family?Fox says they'll deal with that conversation as it comes up.“We don't take anything for granted in terms of talking about family planning and how it's going to happen and where and how we want to raise our kids,” she says.In the end, compromising on what we wanted just to share space made us feel like we'd stopped growing as individuals.Once we broke up, I wondered if I'd ever reconcile my need for serious alone time with the fact that being with someone means, like, being colleague) Annie Fox revealed that she and her husband live in different apartments.

“And part of doing that was getting housemates.” That way, she explains, “we could both have our own independent universes as well as a shared one.” Though she'd cohabited in other relationships, this arrangement works well for them.When Newman and her husband had kids, their boys grew up living primarily at her house; John would stay over until they were in bed, head home, and then come back in the morning to make breakfast.