Date 2016 dating kazakhstan and russian

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In July 2017, the State Technical Service, which supervises peering centers and cross-border connections, became subordinate to the National Security Committee, Kazakhstan's most powerful secret service.Prior to this, the service was under the Ministry of Information and Communications.VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Instagram all reportedly complied.The government also moved to further restrict anonymity online while increasing its surveillance capabilities.The government-run Digital Kazakhstan program hopes to increase internet penetration to 82 percent by 2022.Most people access the internet from their mobile devices and at home, and the internet is often available free-of-charge in various public places in cities.

Kazakhstan is also developing a complex infrastructure to control internet traffic.The competition between the Kazakh language and Russian language – still widely used by many urban residents as a part of the Soviet legacy – has an impact on access.All public institutions are required to provide at least two language versions on their website, and many private sector actors follow this example.However, there is much more domestic content available in Russian than in Kazakh, especially in alternative news coverage online; social media discussions are also held primarily in Russian.

In late 2017, authorities decided that over the next eight years the Kazakh language will transition from using the Russian Cyrillic script to using the Latin alphabet in order to better utilize the language online.

although access is more limited in rural areas where 45 percent of the population resides.