Consolidating audio files logic

09-Feb-2020 05:47

In one step, it will produce all the files you need, and it will produce them correctly.By using Bounce, you would be gaining nothing except extra work, because you would have to do it separately for each file you wanted to produce.All audio data generated by a Re Cycle import is placed in the Re Cycle Audio folder, alongside the project file.

EXS instruments created via a Re Cycle import are placed in a Sampler Instruments/Re Cycle sub-folder of the project folder.

Let's say I have a 2 minutes song composed by 4 different tracks. If the drums start to play after 10 seconds, and I try to export that track, Garageband will create an audio file of 2 minutes of duration, with 10 seconds of silence at the beginning. I write this stuff just to be sure to express correctly what I really need. ale What you want to do is called "consolidating your tracks to bar 1". • Set the left locator to bar 1 1 1 1 • Set the right locator to wherever you need it to end (at 3' 20") • Solo the first track and hit the Bounce button. So if you want the engineer to put up all of your tracks at unity gain (all faders at zero) and have your tracks & stems reproduce the mix you're hearing at your studio, use bounce, not export.