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11-May-2020 16:44

However, if you're getting cues from that passenger (or others around you) to the contrary, then take the hint that your silence would be considered golden. Perhaps you've heard that it's OK to tell strangers your most private secrets. Meeting new people and having to make small talk isn't everyone's favorite pastime, but if you follow these simple tips, you might find yourself enjoying some of the "extras" to balance your inner introvert. It makes me feel closer to them, even if I don't know them well.

If you find yourself constantly doing this wherever you go (and getting negative feedback), make sure you won't be bored by bringing along something to read or do to keep yourself amused. And I also feel comfortable telling anyone my "secrets".

I don't know where their boundaries are, and I don't want to accidentally overstep them.

I know I can safely discuss "certain things" with certain friends but not with others.

Maybe you're at a wedding, and you meet a friend of a friend of a friend. How about when you're in a high-stakes situation, such as a job interview, where you're expected to outshine the competition? How can you turn it into the start of something big (assuming you want to)? If you have an extroverted personality, you can probably be planted in any social situation and at least get the small talk started without feeling too much pain.

If you're on the introverted side, however, these situations can make you cringe.

And of course, there are "secrets," and "secrets" so I suppose it depends on what you're sharing and who you're sharing it with. Best, Susan Hi Ecstast, The reason why TMI should be carefully selected to be shared with just any otger person is because unfortunately there are people who are not genuinely good out there.

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Most people are somewhere in the middle on the introversion-extroversion dimension but everyone has moments of greatness and everyone has moments of utter failure when the pressure is on to be scintillating.

Do not let your left hand know what's in your right hand.

People indeed could be your own friends, but watch what a frenemy can do to you, or what that friend use against you the day you disagree.

I never understood why someone would want to hide their selves from others.

Hi ecstasy, I think you've made a good point which, if I understand you correctly, means that you're sharing secrets with someone you know at least somewhat well.I've found that perhaps the most useful guide for small talk sphere comes from the person-centered approach to therapy of Carl Rogers.

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