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Colourful photographs of damsels and dragons, movie posters and modern artwork line the walls.Other visitors mill about and we occasionally eavesdrop on them.Instead of bumping theories of the body up against borders of skin and bone, an arguably more useful imagining of the body is the stretchy project of being bodied.If the body can be conceptualized as encompassing the sounds and smells it makes, "personal space" or any other extension beyond epidermal limits, embodiment must instead be thought of as a flexible performance that can be extended via technology.Theatre World has backdrops to support MAN OF LA MANCHA, the show based on Cervantes’ 17th century novel, Don Quixote.With the help of scenic imagery like STONE WALL, CASTLE PORTCULLIS, DRAGON’S LAIR, and DARK CAVERN DUNGEON, you can transform your stage into a scene out of an “Impossible Dream” with very little effort.As Sandy Stone tells us, "even in the age of the techno-social subject, life is lived through bodies." How then how can we understand embodiment in a culture fascinated with supposedly cerebral and ethereal cyberspaces?

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Interestingly, the discussion here is often centered on the possibilities inherent in a "matrix of minds" free from the embodied context of physical existence.