Blue collar guys dating selena gomez and joe jonas dating

24-Jun-2020 06:07

Even SOME Blue Collar men have a certain amount of arrogance to them that is mind boggling and completely unwarranted. I tried to call him to let him know that I was over the shit and that the “relationship” had run its course. It’s interesting because we are almost made to feel bad about that expectation. It had been many years since I walked the beautiful campus of Hampton University an HBCU (historically black college university) in Virginia.This jackass refused to answer the phone and sent me a text… We are made to feel like we should just take whatever leftovers are handed to us and just beholding to be in a relationship. And that’s when I had what Oprah Winfrey calls, “My Ah-ha! I spent four years of my life at Hampton University surrounded by the crème de le crème of black society.Is it because I am now in my 30’s they believe I should just give up and date a man who is not up to my standards?Especially when I was coming to the table with exactly what I was looking for.I am not looking for a successful man to help me come up. I am looking for someone who at the very least is bringing to the table what I am bringing to the table. If you cannot identify your areas of weakness then how will you grow as a person?

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With all do respect, I appreciate the service garbage people do to keep our streets clean. I used to feel the need to justify my needs and desires and try to make the person with that “suggestion” understand my view point.

It’s one thing if this woman happens to fall in love with a man and he swept her off her feet. Or if we wanted to go out of town, he had to submit for approval for his days off. I was like, maybe there is something to what these fools tell me. And then I beat myself up for going out with him in the first damn place.