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15-Jun-2020 20:36

After more than 14 years as a Behavioral Skills Analyst I have found that the most effective people are those who understand that our behavior pattern is a necessary and integral part of who we are. Effective interaction starts with an accurate perception of ourselves and how we see ourselves, what motivates us and how understand our behavioral patterns.

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I am a Certified Behavior Skills Analyst, able to assess your BEHAVIOR PATTERN and to lead you through the process ( after you learn to understand your own behavior) to recognize the BEHAVIOR STYLES of others.

He has a depth of understanding of behavior patterns in relation to relationships which rivals any therapist.

I would highly recommend Seymour’s test for anyone in any stage of a relationship, or simply just to gain a better and more complete understanding of your own behavior styles.” in knowing who the other person is, and one way is to understand BEHAVIOR PATTERNS. Much of our behavior is inherent and much comes from our upbringing and environment.

For example, my ex made me eat Mc Donalds for the first time. To a narcissist's mind, it's impossible to have met them and not formed a strong opinion about them — generally adoration.

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Narcissists often believe, as my ex did, that everybody from past lovers to passing acquaintances is attracted to them.Dating is a tough subject, but one that should definitely be talked about.

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