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All Anniversary instruments utilize Neck-through-Body Koa wood construction, a feature rarely seen before BC Rich came on the scene back in '69.

This method maximizes sustain and helps maintain the long-term structural stability of the instrument.

Commemorating its 40th Anniversary as America's premier builder of uniquely shaped, lifestyle-driven electric guitars, BC Rich proudly announces a new series of handcrafted instruments to mark the milestone.

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As local luthier Neal Moser put it, "Only a flamenco acoustic guitar player would design an electric guitar with a point on the top that stuck you in the chest and a point on the bottom that stuck you in the leg." The exceedingly rare Seagull II omitted the point on the bass side.Curiously enough considering the pickups the controls are limited to a single volume knob (which was the case for all the Punishers Gene played during this time). Pics below show this bass from the Revenge tour and the video clips come from the I just wanna video and opening night in Allentown . For the first month of the tour these two mirrored beasts carry the load. Rich Punisher makes the Convention trip in 1995 that I've been able to find, the mirror front one from the Revenge tour. And, excepting the prototype only the flame Punisher is part of the auction. The auction entries (Butterfields in 2000 and Lelands in 2002) for the prototype Punisher at the top of the page are some of the more laughable in documents filled with inaccuracies. (The brochure listed the well-known black Punisher and a natural wood version. By the time of the Reunion and the accompanying tour book the option of a tobacco sunburst had been added.) Second, the Leland's auction claims that it was used for the 1993 appearance on Arsenio Hall which is also untrue. Considering that Gene has played the Punisher in more or less the same configuration since he went into busniess for himself in 1995 it seems as if he finally go it right.(This bass was also featured in the photo shoot with Anthrax for the August 1993 issue of GFTPM.) The basses that Gene actually played were made by the B. Rich custom shop and were neck-through builds with varying pickup configurations. Rich Punishers that he used for the Revenge tour (and a few more years after that while he set up shop for himself). In a rather curious turn of events it is correctly identified and described but the photo of it shows that the B. First of all, calling it "an original prototype for the GENE SIMMONS PUNISHER bass guitar [sic.]" while identifying it as a B. "I have so many basses, but I always settle on the ones that have those certain elements I like.This would also go some way towards explaining the Punisher's abscence from the Unholy video and the short UK tour in May. 1992-93 saw roughly 10 more Punishers leave the custom shop making the total number of neck-through Punishers made by B. The second Punisher was a mirror-faced one with a single P-bass pickup and a single volume knob.

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At least one Punisher made the trip to the UK in May of 1992. The headstock on this bass lacks the white pinstripe outline.

The brand’s origins, however, are quite far removed from the popular image it took on beginning in the 1980s. When Bernardo Chavez Rico started working in his father’s East Los Angeles guitar shop in the mid-1950s, he specialized in flamenco guitars.