Asp sqldatasource onupdating

29-Jul-2020 20:27

Hi all, I have set up a page with a Repeater and a SQLDatasource control, the data control suggested by online Help for use with the Repeater. I expect many of my queries to take longer than 30 seconds because they are ad hoc user-defined searches through multiple joined tables and associated Text fields.

I have to learn more about creating full text indexes for searching..

i want to hgihlight the error place and "updation" should not proceed further.

So always keep in ind:1) Add controls to the control tree for the postback ev... Button control event not firing on a wizard control? On one of the wizardsteps, I have a button control and the server side click event will not fire! When a ddl is INSIDE an event with "e" argument like:protected void dg_Edit Command(object source, Data Grid Command Event Args e)I used to call it in this way: Drop Down List ddl3 = (Drop Down List)e. Find Control("ddl Status"); However this call to ddl has to be maked into a simple method that I've created so that e. when i double click on the white page, the page load event, in the intellisense, the textbox is visible, but when a formview with a textbox inside, in the same page load event, intellisense, the textbox is not available.

"uc1" contains a datalist, on uc2 I have a form with a submit button.

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