An instructional design approach to updating an online course curriculum review dating sites in the uk

17-May-2020 02:19

an instructional design approach to updating an online course curriculum-48

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While selection of the participants was done by random assignment, final designation of respondents was at the discretion of the building level administrators.

An area that did appear to have strong significance was the in-service training component.

The classroom practitioners represented the core content areas of math, science, English, and history as well as physical education, vocational education, and all special programs within the traditional educational program.

The number of participants and the number/size of school districts were limited and located solely within the Southeastern quadrant of the state of Missouri.

In the same vein, but addressing the need for change, Purpel (l972) proposed that the primary responsibility for the childs learning was historically determined by the parent, but as society became more complex, the needs for specialized training grew Finally, as noted earlier, systemic change, as in the form of transitioning educational curriculum, is often a challenge to all concerned and in some cases, may even create a negative, divisive environment. Hargreaves (l995) and Kyriakides (l997) both emphasized the importance of creating coordinated efforts that supported a modification of teachers roles in policy revision as it related to curriculum review and revision.

Accepting that changing an educational curriculum can be a challenge, the involvement of all stakeholders, especially individuals who are directly involved in student instruction, is an especially vital piece in successful curriculum revision.

To achieve this challenging, sometimes controversial task of curriculum alignment and revision, school leaders must work with diverse constituencies to achieve the best balance of needs, desires, appropriate assessment, and instruction.

This study and the subsequent recommendations had their origin in the frustration of two building administrators who were given the responsibility of designing a curriculum revision project which would upgrade the established instructional program and improve classroom instruction (the quote of their superintendent assigning the task). Continuing in that line of reasoning, Olson and Rothman (l993) offered that while the last decade has been one of challenge and excitement for American education, the fragmented and isolationist manner in which many of the reform efforts have been implemented brought about no lasting change.

To further substantiate the data, 4 focus groups were interviewed with general patterns and themes evaluated.In fact, statistical data were strongly substantiated by the focus groups responses which portrayed the reason for project success or failure as the periodic (weekly or monthly) meetings (or lack thereof) on the revision processes.Personal ownership within the curriculum revision process was vital.A traditionally accepted view of educational curriculum states that it (curriculum) is the information which should be taught with the underlying purpose of standardizing the behaviors of the society by educating the young in the traditions and rituals of that culture (Beyer & Liston, l996; Borrowman, l989; Glatthorn, l987; Tanner & Tanner, l995). Monson and Monson (l993) presented the need for collaborative, sanctioned revision by all stakeholders with an emphasis on the performance of teacher leaders.

an instructional design approach to updating an online course curriculum-73

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Likewise, Glatthorn (l987) offered that beliefs and behaviors of each ethnic group or geographical area were developed in order to foster and teach children specific skills necessary for the transition from childhood to adulthood, thereby sustaining or advancing the convictions of that culture. It has been suggested that the educational community must include those not usually considered to be at the leading edge of school reform initiatives.

As in many states during the l990s, educational reform efforts in Missouri addressed educational curriculum revision which had become closely tied to school districtsaccreditation, assessment procedures, and staff evaluation.

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