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Militarizing the border between Texas and Mexico has resulted in the Texas Department of Public Safety using lethal force with abandon, determined to stop immigration by “any means necessary.” In Nevada, prison guards are allowed to carry guns, and the results have been gruesome and deadly.The Twelve Tribes, a controversial religious sect in Plymouth who consider themselves direct descendants of the Puritans, run a nice little bakery, abuse children and might be more of a cult than a religion. Part of a series on college drinking, this article looks at alcohol culture from all sides at The University of Georgia in Athens.An extensive multimedia report of the heinous conditions and life-threatening situations faced by the prisoners at Lowell Correctional Institution, the country’s largest women’s prison — including sexual assault, abuse, corruption, cover-ups, woefully inadequate healthcare and possibly even murder.Redlining as it’s traditionally defined doesn’t happen anymore, but the mortgage industry still finds ways to keep minority homeowners out.Independent women’s publications, like ours, face serious budget constraints when it comes to commissioning longer pieces outside of personal essays.But even well-funded properties go light on women’s longform; it remains far easier to find longform by women in major men’s magazines like GQ and Esquire than their female counterparts, like Elle and Vogue.

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Can understanding this make a profound change in the way we prevent illness?” An assemblage of stories and multi-media from the citizens of the rapidly-gentrifying Mission Neighborhood — some who’ve been there forever, some who arrived more recently — asking the question “to whom does San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood belong?” A year-long investigation found that these “sweet grannies and medical pros offering impartial advice in a crisis” are anything but.Foster kids in the California system live psychologically complex lives to begin with — lives that are becoming increasingly complicated by the litany of risky psychiatric medications dispensed to them at alarming rates. There’s enough food on the planet to feed the 795 million people currently going without, but we’re throwing out over 6 million tons of “perfectly good groceries” every year.

A Canadian food writer investigates her own consumption and waste, and the country’s.A four-part series on child abuse and neglect in Massachusetts, where many cases of death by child abuse haven’t even been investigated, let alone solved.